Workers Injured on the Job have the Right to Medical Care

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worker injured on the job

At Mountain View Law Group, we help people who are injured at work recover the medical benefits, lost wage benefits and other benefits provided by law when those benefits are being denied by their employers and their employers’ Workers Compensation Insurance companies.

Our attorneys have worked on hundreds of cases, with injures ranging from herniated discs and subdermal hematomas (bleeding on the brain) to sprains and torn muscles.  While the severity of the injury is important in determining the type of Workers Compensation Benefits to which an Injured Worker has the right, the fact is that all workers injured on the job do have the right to at least some Workers Compensation benefits.  For example, every worker injured on the job has the right to medical care paid 100% by the employer’s Workers Compensation Insurance company.  Most employers will require injured workers to initially see a doctor at a clinic selected by the employer or the employer’s Workers Compensation Insurance company, however, the injured worker has the right to select his or her own doctor after that initial doctor’s visit.  There are some restrictions on how and when an injured worker can switch to a different doctor, so it is a good idea to consult with a Workers Compensation Attorney before changing doctors after a work injury.

If you have been injured while working, please contact us at (801) 393-5555, or go to and ask for more information regarding your rights as an injured worker.  While we are located in Ogden, Utah, Mountain View Law Group serves clients located throughout Utah.

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