Who’s in Charge of My Estate When in Probate?

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Probate is a formal process supervised by the court. It includes taking inventory of the deceased person’s property or assets, paying taxes and debts, and dividing whatever is left amongst the rightful beneficiaries. Probate is usually about paperwork.

The court’s involvement or supervision is often minimal unless the creditors or family members are in disagreement.

Probate generally happens when there is no living trust. This can make the entire process complex and protracted. It is good to hire an experienced probate lawyer Ogden Utah to help you throughout the whole probate process.

Beginning of the probate process

When probating a will, one of the first things you should do is to request the probate court to provide you with a personal representative or executor, whatever term you choose to use in your estate. This can be done through the help of an Ogden Utah probate attorney. He will file the application together with a death certificate and a will – if you still haven’t deposited it with the court.

What happens at the first hearing of the probate hearing?

The probate court begins the process by scheduling a hearing to offer concerned parties an opportunity to reject your appointment as an executor. Prior to the hearing, your Utah probate litigation lawyer will have to serve all beneficiaries with a formal legal notice. Sometimes you may not need to appear personally during the hearing.

There are certain things that the probate court will supervise. They include the following:

• Paying debts
• Paying taxes
• Dividing property to the rightful beneficiaries early
• Distributing assets and closing the estate

Why it is important to hire a lawyer

Probate laws are complex. It requires a qualified and experienced Utah probate attorney to make the whole process run smoothly. If you are looking for a good probate lawyer to help you manage your estate, then Mountain View Law Group is the best firm to work with.

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