What You Should Look For In An Estate Planning Lawyer

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It’s never too early or late to start planning for your future, an estate planning lawyer can play an important role to guide you today to protect your future. A Utah estate-planning lawyer can make sure that you have control over your legacy.

There are a few reasons to hire an estate planning lawyer in Ogden Utah. Decreasing estate taxes, avoiding probate, establishing a power of attorney and creating trusts and wills are just to name few. When considering hiring an Ogden estate planning lawyer, you should consider a few aspects.

Experience and Knowledge

Your Utah estate planning lawyer should have vast knowledge of both federal and state laws. They understand the legal language and requirements needed for each estate planning document required. This will help eliminate mistakes and future lawsuits in regard to your estate.

Comprehensive Services

Your estate planning attorney can help create a comprehensive plan for your future and for those just in case situations. Your estate planning attorney Ogden, UT will be your advocate throughout your lifetime. They can help you create trusts and wills to protect your assets when you are no longer here and also prepare legal documents to take of you and your loved ones today, like a power of attorney and/or a living will.

Do Some Research

What are people saying about them? Ask Family and Friends for references and look into the firm. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from people who have used their services before or check their online reviews. Compare services and prices by taking advantage of free consultations. Ask questions and treat the consultation like an interview.


Are the attorneys willing to work with you in the style of communication you are comfortable with? Do they make calls and you prefer text or emails?  Are they willing to hear you out? How do they talk to you quick and short or make you feel heard? Do they confirm steps with you and notify you of what comes next or what to expect? Little things like these can make a big difference.


Make sure that you feel comfortable with the attorney who will represent you in your most crucial hour. Do they want to get to know you? Do they remember your name and your individual situation? How do they treat you and their staff? An Estate Planning Law Firm’s environment can show how the attorney runs the firm and how he is with his clients.


When working with your estate planning attorney, they should always be an advocate for you and your family before and after you pass away. Do they know exactly what you want and have all the ducks in a row in order to protect your wants on your terms?

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