What Type of Benefits Does Utah Workers Compensation Provide?

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In Utah, all employers must cover their employees with workers’ compensation insurance which is designed to compensate injured workers when they have an accident. Mountain View Law Group who are worker compensation attorneys and lawyers in Utah can help. Importantly, to preserve a work injury claim the injured worker needs to report the work injury within 180-days of the date of the accident to secure the following benefits.

Medical Treatment
Despite what the workers compensation insurance will tell you, you have a right to be treated by a physician of your choice. By law, workers compensation insurance is to pay for the medical care you need to treat your work injuries. For the medical bill to be paid, you must submit the medical bill within one year of the date of treatment. You are also entitled to reimbursement of mileage incurred while traveling to a medical care provider.

Lost Wages
You are entitled to receive two-thirds of your wages that you were scheduled to earn the week of the work accident. You are entitled to receive these benefits if a physician says you are unable to work. If the physician gives you light-duty restrictions and your employer is unable to provide you with work that complies with the restrictions, then you would be entitled to lost wages benefits as well. You are entitled to these benefits until the physician says you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), meaning your medical condition will not likely improve. If your injury is permanent, you will be entitled to an impairment rating that will pay you some additional compensation. If your condition prevents you from ever returning to full-time work, you would be entitled to substantially more compensation for your lifetime. The Utah Labor Commission must approve all settlement agreements involving workers compensation benefits. Mountain View Law Group has Workers Comp Attorneys and Lawyers in Utah that can help you.

Death compensation
In case a worker dies from illness or work injury, the workers’ compensation benefits are paid to the surviving spouse or dependents upon proof of relation. They also cover burial expenses.

Since workers compensation is a specialized area of the law you will want a Utah workers’ compensation lawyer to help you, and not to be victimized twice. The insurance company may tell you that you do not need a lawyer. There is a reason they tell you this, because it is in the insurance company’s best interest that you do not have a lawyer. They know you will likely settle for much less than what you are entitled to receive. Mountain View Law Group earns its pay from a contingency fee charged from a settlement or judgment. This means the injured worker does not pay any legal fees up front. The success of Mountain View Law Group, who are work accident attorney’s in Ogden and throughout Utah, with work injury claims will provide you with the confidence you need and deserve.

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