What is a “Domestic Partner?”

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What Is a Domestic Partnership?

A domestic partnership is like marriage and may also be known as a “civil union.” People receive some of the same benefits that couples receive after they get married. Each state gives people in domestic partnerships different benefits, but some of the common benefits include the following:

  • Domestic partners can visit each other in the hospital or jail.
  • They have the right to take bereavement leave.
  • They have the right to take family leave if one or the other is sick.
  • They can add their partners to their health insurance policies.

Domestic Partnerships in Utah.

Utah law prohibited marriages between two people of the same sex. Now, the state has the Mutual Commitment Registry that allows same-sex couples to register their unions as domestic partnerships. This registry allows two people to recognize their relationships when they don’t have any plans to get married.

You may be planning to enter into a domestic partnership, or you might like to end your domestic partnership in Utah. You need an estate planning lawyer Utah because the laws governing the rights, responsibilities and the benefits of domestic partnerships can be difficult to follow.

One very important reason that you need a Utah estate planning lawyer is when you are going to begin your estate planning. In most cases, one partner is going to outlive the other, and if this occurs, your partner may not be entitled to your property. To avoid this, you need a Utah estate attorney to develop a plan for asset distribution. You can protect your partner with a will, but you can also create a document that will explain your wishes before your will is ever read.

The documents that your Utah estate attorney draws up will make sure that everyone knows what your wishes are and will make it less likely that anyone will contest your will. Contact an estate planning lawyer Utah at the Mountain View Law Group today.


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