What If I Get Worse After Receiving Workers Compensation Benefits?

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Utah workers comp covers the cost of your medical bills after a work-related accident. However, if your condition gets worse, you may be entitled to additional benefits. There are several things that you need to know if your condition gets worse.

Submit Your Bill

If you need additional care for your work injuries, make sure that the medical provider bills the workers compensation insurance carrier for the treatment. The medical provider must bill, or you must submit to, the workers compensation insurance carrier within one year of the treatment date. Otherwise, your claim for payment of the medical bill will too late.

What to Do If You Want to Get Temporary or Permanent Disability

If you are unable to work because of your work injury you are entitled to be paid workers compensation wages at the workers compensation pay rate. If the workers compensation insurance carrier is not paying you for these benefits you will need to apply for these benefits with the Utah Labor Commission.

If you need to apply for these benefits with the Utah Labor Commission you need to contact a workers comp attorney at Mountain View Law Group in Ogden, Utah to make sure that you meet any applicable deadlines.

What to Do If You Have Signed a Full and Final Release

If you have signed a full and final release, then your claim has been finalized. You likely will not be able to get any more funds for your medical expenses or lost time at work. You also won’t be able to re-open your case and apply for disability benefits.

However, if you have a condition that qualifies as a new injury, then you can file a new claim. You have to be able to prove that your new injury is work-related.

Why You Need an Ogden Work Accident Attorney

Workers’ compensation claims can get even more complicated if your injury gets worse. That is why you need the help of Mountain View Law Group via https://utahslawfirm.com.

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