What happens if you die without creating a will?

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The legal term intestate refers to when someone dies without a will. If this happens, in the state of Utah, the person’s estate is divided among family members and close relatives. Proper division of property is a requirement of the state intestate succession laws. Typically, the law applies to property customarily included in a will and does have some exceptions, including any beneficiary designation. For more information about intestate laws or help writing a will, reach out to a Utah will lawyer for assistance.

What Does a Will Cover and Protect? 

Having a will protects your estate and ensures that property, benefits, and other assets get to the proper person in the event of your death. Without the will, the probate court will determine who is entitled to what assets. A will not only covers your assets, but it also states who will raise your kids if they are still underage or who will take care of your pets. It is best to speak with a will lawyer Utah for additional information.

What Happens To Your Property If You Don’t Have a Will? 

If you die without a will in Utah, your assets are divided among your closest relatives first. Immediate relatives include a spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings. If you don’t have any family, your property will be put into the state’s coffers, known as “escheat.” However, this rarely happens because even if someone is remotely related to you, such as a cousin, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, etc., your estate will be given to them.

How an Attorney Can Help You With a Will

A Utah will and trust attorney can help you draw up a living will. They can show you how to write a living will in Utah and even draft it up for you. Contact an attorney to help draw up your will to ensure the will does not get disputed. Additionally, the attorney can help you determine who gets what and who to designate as beneficiaries in the event of your death.

Having a will helps reduce family conflict over who gets what. Everyone has an opinion, and many feel they are entitled to something. A will ensures your assets get divided the way you want them distributed. Call the Mountain View Law Group to schedule a consultation and learn how a will can help protect your assets and ensure your family receives what you want them to inherit.

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