What happens if I die without a will?

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When you die without a will, your estate must go through probate. You die intestate, meaning without a will and testament, and Utah will laws take over. The probate process can drag on for years, during which time your beneficiaries do not have access to the funds or property you left them. Every creditor or family member can register with the probate court to have a claim to your estate. When you create a will, you get to devise a custom plan that details where or to whom you want your property, possessions, and assets to go when you perish. You could work with an Utah will lawyer to create a living will, a last will and testament, or establish a trust.

A living will includes how you would like your estate managed if something happens to you and you need your finances managed and medical care until the time of your death. A last will and testament refers to the document that you write while still of sound mind and sound body, meaning that you create this type of will before you get sick or become injured somehow. It details how you want your estate dispersed when you die. Your estate refers to everything you own and all of the money, stocks, and other assets you have. This proves the simplest for most people.

A trust bears some resemblance to a living will and a last will and testament. You write it while you’re healthy and place into it the assets you want to protect or pass along while skipping probate. You can form a trust that you can add to, called revocable, or that contains fixed assets, called irrevocable. Either of these options lets your family skip probate when you pass away. Both let you or another person manage your estate while you live.

Each of these options lets you protect your family’s future. The attorneys at Mountain View Law Group can help you create a custom will that provides protection for your estate and lets you, not the probate court, decide where your assets go. Let the will lawyer Utah can trust help you protect your assets.




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