What are the most common of bicycle accidents?

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Seeking Legal Assistance After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycling is fun and good for your health, but it also presents certain hazards. If you have suffered a serious injury that resulted from the negligent actions of a motorist, you may consider seeking financial compensation from the responsible party. This is when you should contact an Utah accident attorney from the Mountain View Law Group.

Common Bicycle Accidents 

Anyone who has done any amount of bicycling has undoubtedly experienced falls and their resulting injuries. However, cycling injuries can really become serious when they involve collisions with motor vehicles. These are the most common factors in bicycle/automobile collisions:

(1) Entering an intersection opposite to the flow of traffic

(2) Riding while situated in a driver’s “blind spot”

(3) Riding in a crosswalk in front of a vehicle turning right

(4) Cut off by a vehicle turning in front of the bicycle

(5) Riding adjacent parked vehicles when someone opens a door


Injuries Resulting from Collisions

Collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles claim several lives and injure hundreds every year in Utah alone. The injuries suffered in these mishaps include bruises, lacerations, bone fractures, broken teeth, neck injuries, and internal bleeding. Head trauma is responsible for more than half of the deaths in such accidents, which is a good reason to wear a helmet when riding. The best way to prevent accidents is through cautious riding and by following the rules of the road. Cyclists should also wear bright clothing and use lights when riding at night.

However, it may not be possible to avoid an accident resulting from the negligence of someone else. These cases deserve intervention by an accident attorney in Utah. Through proper legal representation, the victim can obtain the damages needed to cover medical expenses and other costs related to the accident. When you need help, consider the services of an accident lawyer in Utah, and specifically contact the Mountain View Law Group.




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