Utah’s No-Fault Worker’s Compensation Insurance System

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You are likely entitled to workers’ compensation if you or a loved one gets injured at work. Depending on the severity of the injury, how you were injured, and your work, your company’s workers comp policy may cover you for temporary or permanent partial or total disability compensation.

Utah is a worker-friendly state and has supported an employee’s right to no-fault workers’ compensation since 1917 when they made it mandatory for businesses to have worker’s comp insurance.

What does No-Fault Worker’s Compensation Insurance mean?

No-fault worker’s compensation insurance means workers do not have to pay their medical bills or worry about lost wages if injured at work. Injury due to personal negligence is also covered under Utah workers comp laws. However, people that are injured when impaired because of alcohol or drug consumption or that cause self-injury are not protected.

Although Utah is a no-fault state, making a worker’s comp claim alone isn’t wise. A qualified worker compensation attorney Utah will guide you through the claim process and ensure you are covered for the necessary period.

Utah No-Fault Workers Comp Laws

The most critical part to qualifying for workers comp is how and where you were injured. You can qualify for workers comp in Utah given any circumstance except for intentional personal injury. On top of the workers’ compensation benefits, you also will have your lost and current wages garnished and medical bills paid (as long as you follow proper procedure).

Almost all businesses must have workers comp insurance according to Utah law, with limited exceptions. Employees must notify their employers within 180 days of injury and file a claim within a year.

Workers comp payments are reduced by 15% if the employee was willfully ignorant of using safety devices. Payments are raised by 15% if the employer intentionally avoids using safety devices.

Coverage of Worker’s Compensation Utah

Qualifying for workers comp, the most critical part is how and where you were injured. Depending on the circumstances, workers compensation Utah can cover the following:

• Medical bills from doctors and hospital expenses
• Medical and prosthetic devices
• Indemnity benefits
• Death benefits to family members

Without workers comp of Utah lawyers, your company can take advantage of your situation. Contact the Mountain View Law Group for qualified and local legal services.

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