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The death of a loved one or family member is certainly a difficult time. It can be made even more difficult when dealing with probate. Individuals who wish to help their families and loved ones avoid probate will find that consulting with an experienced Utah probate litigation lawyer can assist with this matter.

What Exactly Is Probate Court?

Probate refers to a legal process that involves filing the will of a deceased individual with the local court, examining and providing that the will is actually valid, taking an inventory of the deceased’s property, appraising the property, and distributing what is left remaining of the property, according to the directions of the will, after all debts are paid.
In the event the individual did not leave a will, then the deceased’s property must be distributed through a process known as intestate succession. This process is based on a system established through a law that determines precisely who is entitled to receive an inheritance. Under Utah state law, a surviving spouse would be first in line, followed by any children.

Probate court can be a lengthy and emotional process. In fact, it can take months to years to settle a probate case. For this reason, many people try to avoid probate court whenever possible. Working with an experienced Ogden probate attorney can help families with this process. In most cases, working with an Ogden probate lawyer to avoid probate court can help families to save money as well as time.

Mountain View Law Group can help clients to avoid probate court through several options, including trusts, joint ownerships, retirement accounts that are designed to go directly to specific beneficiaries, and other options. By working with a probate lawyer Ogden Utah families can avoid the lengthy process often involved in probate court by while also protecting assets.

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