Under Insured Motor Vehicle Insurance

I recently settled a case that highlights the need for every driver to have enough under insured motor vehicle insurance coverage for crashes that cause serious injury.  My client was a healthy younger man who was rear ended by another car.  The force of the crash injured my client’s lower back to the extent that he required low back surgery.  The at fault driver’s liability coverage was $50,000.00.  This amount of coverage was not enough to pay for my client’s medical bills, his likely future medical bills, time off of work, the amount of pain, the length of time he had to endure the pain and the interference the pain has had and may have in his life.

Fortunately, my client had $100,000.00 of under insured motor vehicle insurance coverage on his own vehicle that he could make a claim on in addition to the $50,000.00 he recovered from the at fault driver.  Some people might think that making a claim against their own insurance may cause their premium payment to go up.  However, this is not the case because you purchase under insured motor vehicle coverage for this very purpose.  The insurance company would be acting in bad faith if it raised your premiums for making a claim for benefits that it agreed to pay in the event a legitimate claim is made.

Therefore, make sure to review your under insured coverage with your insurance company.  You should have at least $100,000.00 in under insured motor vehicle coverage, and in many cases much more than that. If you have been in a motor vehicle crash and have any questions, contact Scott Lythgoe for a free consultation today. Mountain View Law Group 801-393-5555.

Automobile / Pedestrian Rules and Laws

Recently, there have been several automobile/pedestrian incidents that have resulted in serious injuries and deaths to pedestrians.  I am sure that many of you who drive in Utah are surprised there are not more of these automobile/pedestrian incidents.  How many times have you seen drivers make a left hand turn and choose to continue with the left hand turn before the pedestrian clears the half of the crosswalk where the car must pass?  How many times have you seen drivers make a right hand turn when there are pedestrians in the cross walk and continue with the right hand turn before the pedestrian clears the half of the crosswalk where the car must pass?  These actions violate basic motor vehicle pedestrian safety rules and the laws of the State of Utah.

Under Utah law, drivers must wait for the pedestrian to clear the half of the crosswalk where the motor vehicle will pass through the cross walk before making the turn.  The purpose for this rule/law is the safety of the pedestrian.  Another motor vehicle pedestrian rule/law that drivers must be more aware of is the right of way of a pedestrian at a street intersection without a stop sign or traffic light signal.  When approaching this type of an intersection with a pedestrian entering the street, with or without a crosswalk, the pedestrian has the right of way and the driver must stop to allow the pedestrian to pass. Unfortunately, many drivers decide they are in too much of a hurry ignore these safety rules/laws.  If we all chose to follow these rules as intended the amount of tragedy in the news would be greatly reduced.

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