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student loan discharge

Education is one of the best weapons used to fight poverty worldwide to achieve better living standards. It is the most excellent investment a person can make. However, a heavy burden of student loan debts has been a substantial obstacle in achieving this goal, a situation that has presented the need for discharge. You may also have heard from other people that students’ loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. But this is just a myth. It might be hard to achieve but is possible, especially with the help of a professional bankruptcy attorney in Ogden Utah as provided in section 11 of both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the American bankruptcy laws.

What is Student Loan Discharge?

Loan discharge means you are exempt from repaying it and will receive a refund of payments you made voluntarily or were compelled to make. In addition, the U.S. Department of Education will report the discharge to relevant credit bureaus to erase your credit history concerning the loan. Through the help of Mountain View Law Group, many people living in Utah and its surrounding areas successfully have their loans discharged.

How Loan Discharge Works

Loan discharge in Utah works under Bruner Test. Here, with the help of your bankruptcy attorney Ogden Utah, you will have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that:

  • You will be unable to maintain a minimal standard of living if you are forced to repay the loan,
  • The hardship will persist for a more significant period of the loan repayment, and
  • You have been faithfully making an effort to repay the loan.

Based on the three elements, the court will decide whether to partially or fully clear your loan. You may also be required to repay your loan but with a lower interest rate. However, with the help of a competent Ogden bankruptcy lawyer, you can be sure of the total discharge of your loan.

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