Safety Measures Employers Should Be Taking in the Office

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safety measures in workplace

Employers must provide a safe workplace for their employers and anyone else on the premises. Most employers follow OSHA guidelines for office settings. This information should be explained to each new employee upon hire.

Will failure to enact safety measures on the job site may set the employer up for a workers compensation penalty if an employee becomes injured as a result of the failure.  If you experience an injury for willful failure to enact safety measures you need to contact a knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer in Utah at Mountain View Law Group who can get you expert legal advice.

Ensure that New Employees Know All Health & Safety Procedures

It is best if a health and safety expert reviews commonly expected hazardous material along with health and safety procedures in a face-to-face conference. A hands-on skill training portion is also highly recommended.

Written information on workplace health and safety hazards should also be provided to employees, explains a local worker compensation attorney base in Utah. This information should also be listed in an easy-to-reference procedural book. All hazardous materials need to be clearly labeled.

How Employers Can Get Up-to-Date OSHA Guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers their most recent guideline recommendations to every employer that needs this information. This information can also be located on a user-friendly website that can be accessed online.

Creating a Safer Office Environment During COVID-19 Outbreaks

OSHA provides extensive information regarding the current COVID-19 health crisis. The information is divided into sections to address different workplaces. Employers should have the proper personal protective items for all employees at risk for exposure. Initiate intense cleaning procedures. Sick employees should be sent home and quarantined, and testing procedures are also required.

Call a Utah workers Compensation Lawyer

An employee that gets COVID-19 at work may be eligible to file workers compensation claim according to a lawyer familiar with worker compensation Utah. Contact Mountain View Law Group via




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