Reasons why a Workers Compensation Claim may have been denied

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Some of the reasons that Workers’ Compensation claims were denied include the following:

• Not enough evidence was presented that proves the injury was related to your job.
• You didn’t have enough medical treatment. Most of the time, Workers’ Compensation claims will only be approved if the injured party had medical treatment.
• You and your employer have a disagreement. Your employer may have said that you weren’t injured on the job or that you were injured while you were fooling around.
• You didn’t report your injury in time. In Utah, you must report your injury to your supervisor within 180 days of the incident.

What Do You Do If Your Claim Is Denied?

If your Workers’ Compensation claim is denied, call Mountain View Law Group to help you appeal this decision with the Utah Labor Commission. Mountain View Law Group is a Utah firm located in Ogden and its attorneys are easily accessible by phone, video conference or can come to your home. Mountain View Law Group will fill out the “Application for Hearing-Industrial Accident Claim” and send it to the Utah Labor Commission. The commission will ask your employer or your insurance provider to respond to your claim in what is known as the “Answer.” They will have 30 days to respond.

You will have the chance to present evidence at your hearing in front of the workers’ compensation judge. Your employer or insurance provider will also appear at this hearing. Undoubtedly, the other side will have legal representation, so you should attend this hearing with a workers compensation attorney from Mountain View Law Group.

A hearing is like a court proceeding, so you are advised to have a Utah workers compensation attorney with experience in these types of settings. Your chances for success at a hearing significantly improves if you have Utah workers compensation lawyer on their side. Contact Mountain View Law Group today. Our work injury attorney is anxious to help you prepare to win you case. We are located in Ogden, Utah, but can easily meet with you by phone, video conference, or come to your home.

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