Power of Attorney: What Should It Cover?

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Have you thought about your future when you’re older? Many adults, especially those with adult children will begin planning their estate. For most, this process will include assigning a power of attorney. In Utah, there are two types of POAs.

What is the Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants someone you trust the power to handle specific tasks for you. In Utah, estate planning includes two types of POAs, a financial POA and a health care POA. Examples of tasks a person granted a financial power of attorney can do for you include:

  • Filing your taxes
  • Selling your home
  • Deposit checks in your bank account

The other type of POA is a health care POA. With this type of POA, you can grant someone the power to make health care decisions for you when you cannot do it yourself. In Utah, a healthcare POA is part of a living will. This type of POA is called an advanced care directive.

Why You Need a Power of Attorney

A Utah Power of Attorney grants you legal protection, convenience, and peace of mind. It’s a legal document that allows someone you trust to make decisions you would make for yourself if you were able.

What is a Power of Attorney’s Responsibilities? 

When named a Power of Attorney for someone, you will be asked to make decisions for that person when they cannot do it themselves. Depending on the type of POA in place, those decisions may be financial, medical, or a combination of more than one.

When does a Power of Attorney come into Play? 

For a Power of Attorney to be legal, the document needs to be prepared correctly, signed, and notarized as advised. A power of attorney can be used as soon as it is signed. Under most circumstances, a POA needs to be presented in person to be used.

How Your Attorney Can Help 

With Utah estate planning, an attorney needs to ensure everything will be handled just as you wish. An estate planning attorney Ogden can help you understand the different types of POAs in Utah and include them with your estate planning. Call Mountain View Law Group today to get started.

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