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Bus Crashes

Bus Crash Attorney in Ogden Utah


bus crashesBus crashes happen because of bad decisions by distracted drivers. If you’ve been injured in a crash involving a bus there are many things that might be very different from a car crash. For example, the bus may be owned by a school district or a corporation and driven by one of their employees. This means different laws apply as to who pays for your medical care or lost wages while you try to get better. Establishing who is at fault can be very complicated in these situations. You will probably want help.

Typical questions people have in this situation:

  • How will my medical bills be paid?
  • How will my car get fixed?
  • Who can I see for medical treatment?
  • What documents should I keep?
  • How long does all of this take?
  • How do I know I have a case?
  • What is the next step?

At Mountain View Law Group, we are very happy to answer your questions. There is no charge for you to talk to us, and we don’t get paid unless we take your case and get money for you. If we don’t take your case, we will give you some direction and ideas on what to do with your claim.

In Utah, are the laws different for buses?

Transit and bus drivers have safety rules they must follow. When the driver does not follow those safety rules and it causes a crash the driver and the company that hired the driver has responsibility for the harm they cause.

Claims against an organization such as Utah Transit Authority, the governmental entity that operates our local transit along the Wasatch Front, has protections that other organizations do not have. You must bring a claim against UTA within a year of the date of the incident. So make sure you don’t jeopardize your chance of getting compensated by waiting too long before you call Mountain View Law Group.

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