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Automobile Bicycle Crashes

Auto Bike Crash Attorney


bicycles crashesIf you’ve been injured in an auto bicycle crash in Northern Utah, or anywhere else in Utah, call us as soon as possible to discuss your rights.  Negotiating a fair settlement from an insurance company for this type of situation can be a challenge.  Insurance companies often say the cyclist was somehow at fault. Auto bike crash attorneys at Mountain View Law Group will work for you to get you a settlement that will cover your medical bills and get you back on your feet.

The injuries from an auto/bicycle crash can be devastating. Debilitating injuries and medical bills can overwhelm you.  At Mountain View Law Group we have over 50 years of combined experience as injury attorneys.

A Mountain View Law Group Attorney will provide you with:

  • Active and energetic representation
  • Help to recover costs for a smashed bike and other gear
  • Your medical providers and delaying payments to them
  • Getting compensation for lost wages and your injuries

What Can I Expect From Mountain View Law Group in a Bicycle Crash?

  • You won’t pay anything until your case is won
  • Easy availability
  • An attorney will be responsible for your case

How Do I Know if I have a Case?

Call and speak with one of our attorneys for your FREE case evaluation. If any of the following caused you to have a bicycle crash, you may be entitled to a settlement:

  • Poorly maintained streets
  • Reckless, aggressive, or distracted drivers
  • Impaired (alcohol, drugs) drivers
  • Obstructed bike path (parked cars, cars in the bike lane, etc.)

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle crash because of someone else’s negligence, give us a call today to meet with one our attorneys to learn more about what you can do and how we can help you.

The Client Experience

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