Know Your Rights if You Get Injured at Work in Utah

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What to do if Injured on the Job in Utah:

Those injured on the job should contact their supervisor immediately so that their injury can be properly documented. This is required to get workman’s compensation processed without delay.

In addition to verbally informing senior management, you should follow up with a written note detailing the events that led up to the injury, according to The site also suggests filing a workers’ comp report, since there is a very short statute of limitations for these types of injuries.

Workman’s Comp Benefits in Utah:

Here are some of the benefits received by those injured on the job in Utah:

  • Temporary partial and total temporary benefits
  • Permanent, partial and total disability benefits
  • Medical expenses for the injury
  • Death benefits to family/spouse

Follow all the Rules:

You must follow the rules to ensure you will get paid for an injury:

  • Make sure that the employer completes a First Report of Injury form and submits it to the Utah Labor Commissions Division of Industrial Accidents within seven days of the incident.
  • Utah is a workers’ comp no-fault state. A company is not required to cover self-inflicted wounds or those under the effects of alcohol or drug use.
  • The injured should return to work as soon as they are well enough to do so. Those that are well and still collecting compensation may need to repay the overpayment.
  • The injured will receive information about whether their claim will be paid or denied.
  • If denied, the injured may request a hearing or go to mediation.
  • When in doubt, contact a worker’s compensation lawyer Utah.

How to find a Work Injury Lawyer Utah:

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