Is Bankruptcy Mediation an Option?

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The Legal Execution Department makes an appointment with the customer to sign a mediation agreement to pay the debt

Bankruptcy proceedings do not always have to be handled by the courts. Increasingly, we are even seeing more courts advocate for mediation in bankruptcy proceedings.

Work with us at the Mountain View Law Group if you are dealing with bankruptcy-related issues at the moment. As your legal representative, we will make sure to protect your interests as you go through the process of mediation.

Mediation Bankruptcy Process

People involved in bankruptcy proceedings will qualify for mediation. In some states, courts will even recommend mediation over the more conventional process. You should head into bankruptcy proceedings knowing that mediation is likely on the table.

If the litigants involved in bankruptcy proceedings opt for mediation, they must agree on the person who will serve as the mediator. The courts will typically help with this stage of the process.

Many courts that handle bankruptcy proceedings can also provide lists of mediators if cases head in that direction. The mediators in that list are very experienced, and you can be confident that they will hand down fair rulings.

This is also a good time to set a mediation date. Choose a date that’s quite a ways into the future, so you have ample time to prepare.

Once you and the other side agree to choose a particular mediator and mediation date, both of you can start working on your respective cases. Work closely with your bankruptcy attorney Ogden so you can evaluate your case from an unbiased perspective.

You can also consult with additional lawyers to gain a better idea of where your case currently stands. From there, you simply have to wait until mediation day to present your case.

How an Ogden Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

Whether going through bankruptcy court proceedings or mediation, you can count on your lawyer to provide valuable assistance.

Your lawyer can help evaluate the merits of your case so you can prepare better for your mediation or court date. Your chances of ending up with a favorable settlement increase if you have a good lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can also set the parameters for the proceedings so both sides can negotiate in good faith throughout the mediation.

Contact us at the Mountain View Law Group if you need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to protect your interests as you go through mediation or court proceedings. We will work tirelessly to get the best deal possible on your behalf.

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