Is Avoiding Probate Possible?

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avoiding probate

Thinking about your death is not something you want to spend a great deal of time doing. But at some point, you must acknowledge its inevitability and take steps to save your family the hassle of probate court proceeding. If you do not leave the wills and trusts needed to clarify how your money and estate are to be distributed, the matter will have to be litigated in probate court. Such proceedings can tear your family apart. Hiring a probate lawyer Ogden Utah can help your family avoid this fate.

An Ogden Utah estate planning attorney can help you set up a living trust. This can be done to cover nearly any asset you own. Your Utah estate planning attorney will create a trust document. You will then need to transfer ownership of the property to the trust. Once you have done so, the property will be controlled by the terms of the trust. There will be no need for its fate to be adjudicated in probate court.

You can also set up joint ownership with a loved one. Doing so gives them the right of survivorship, which means they automatically own the property upon your death. You want to work with a Utah estate planning lawyer to ensure that the other owner has the paperwork to show that they have a title to the property.

You can also work with your lawyer to set up payable-on-death bank accounts. This will ensure that the beneficiary can claim the money directly from the bank upon your death without going through a probate court proceeding.

Your main aim should be to make things as simple, seamless, and smooth as possible for the people closest to you. Working with an estate planning lawyer will help you create documents that make clear who gets what. If you are ready to take this step, then you should speak to a lawyer at Mountain View Law Group.

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