Injured At Work: First 5 Steps to Take

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If you are injured at work, then you may be entitled to receive workers compensation benefits. To improve your chances of qualifying for workers compensation benefits, you should follow the following suggestions. Here are the first 5 step to take following a workplace injury.

1. Report the injury/accident
As soon as possible after you sustain the injury, report the accident. Make sure that your employer completes an accident report and accurately records what happens. The report should include details of what happened and the injuries you sustained. This report may be important in pursuing a workers compensation claim.

2. Preserve evidence of the accident
In addition to requesting a report, take action on your own to preserve evidence of the accident. This may include taking photographs, obtaining statements from witnesses, preserving video recordings and otherwise keeping any and all records related to the accident.

3. Seek out medical treatment for your injuries
Immediately after the accident seek out treatment for your injuries. You should not delay visiting with a doctor to ensure you receive the proper attention for your injuries. Seeking out treatment immediately is not only important for your health, but it will also help provide crucial information for your workers compensation claim.

4. Contact an Ogden Work Accident Attorney
Contact a Utah workers compensation lawyer to discuss your options and whether your case qualifies for a workers compensation claim. A Workers Comp Attorney Ogden Utah will provide legal advice and help you know what is needed in order to have a successful claim.

5. File a workers compensation claim
After contacting a Workers Compensation Lawyer Utah, file your claim and the necessary documentation. Your claim must be filed within a certain time period in order to be valid, so do not delay taking action.

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