If I’m on Workers’ Comp No Work Restrictions, Will I be Fired?

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You work hard and adhere to all safety rules on the job. This is not always enough to prevent an injury. If you have suffered a work-related injury, and your treating doctor says you cannot work with your injury then the workers comp insurance carrier must pay your wages at the workers comp wage rate. If your employer fires you while you are off work or working with limitations from your work accident then the workers comp insurance carrier must pay your wages at the workers comp wage rate.

If you have been terminated after filing a workers’ comp claim, then you should hire a workers compensation lawyer Utah and build a case against your employer. A worker compensation attorney Utah is the only professional who can help you in this situation.

If you have “at will” employment, your employer can fire you for nearly any reason. However, there are limits to this power. They cannot terminate your employment for exercising your legal rights. By law, you are entitled to file a worker compensation Utah claim, and your employer cannot fire you in retaliation.

Most employers will not admit that they are letting an employee go because they filed a workers’ comp claim. They will instead come up with some other reason. A company can fire an employee while their claim is pending, but such termination must be related to work performance.

Your employer is required to keep you on until you fully recover from your injury or reach maximum medical improvement. After you have recovered from your injuries and gone through rehabilitation, you will need to discuss with your doctor whether you have permanent work restrictions. If you do have such restrictions, you will need to discuss them with your employer, who must make a reasonable effort to accommodate them.

If you have any questions about your rights, contact Utah workers compensation lawyer at Mountain View Law Group via https://utahslawfirm.com.

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