How Do Criminal Records Affect the Bankruptcy Process?

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If you are convicted of a felony, your discharge may be affected if the charge you are convicted on is financial or fraud-related. If the crime you are convicted of is not included in these categories, then you may not have any issues with a bankruptcy. Even so, there is so much that can affect your bankruptcy that you must consult with a Utah bankruptcy attorney before you move forward.

Things to Consider

If your criminal case is pending, you will want to speak with your defense attorney about the possibility of filing bankruptcy. Your judge may consider a bankruptcy negatively in your criminal case, so you might need to wait until your criminal case is finished before you file bankruptcy.

Also, fines, restitution and penalties cannot always be discharged in bankruptcy. Speak with a bankruptcy attorney in Ogden Utah to find out what can and cannot be discharged.

Even if a debt cannot be discharged in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you could get rid of other debts, which would make it easier to pay your criminal fines, restitution and penalties the judge imposes in your criminal case.

Hire a Utah Bankruptcy Lawyer…

Your job is not as a bankruptcy attorney in Utah. You shouldn’t have to worry about how a conviction would affect your case. You should only be concerned about your family, your job, and getting out of debt. Let a bankruptcy attorney in Ogden Utah and Mountain View Law Group do all of the worrying for you. Filing for bankruptcy requires that you follow each step in the correct manner, and that is why you need us.

Your Utah bankruptcy attorney will go over your criminal history and your financial records to find a way that we can help you out of this predicament. We know all of the steps that you need to take to make the bankruptcy process go smoothly. Contact us today.

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