Do’s and Don’t for Estate Planning

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The reality of life is that everyone shall die someday. Apart from death, some calamities in life can render you incapacitated, putting you in a position where you can’t manage your property. The creation of an estate plan allows you to control what happens to your property in the event of death or incapacitation. However, the assumption that most Utah residents have is that estate planning is a reserve for persons with a lot of property. No matter the amount of property you own, our estate planning attorney Ogden Utah from Mountain View Law Group can offer you all the assistance you require to create an estate plan.

Creating an estate plan can be hectic, but our Mountain View Law Group Ogden estate planning attorneys are committed to making the process less stressful for you. In case you want to go ahead and commence the process of estate planning, here are some do’s and don’t to guide you:

Do’s of Estate Planning Ogden Utah

Ensure you have a will
You have probably heard about wills. Through a will, you can appoint executors whose role is to ensure that property distribution and distribution are per the will. Through a will, you get to save your beneficiaries the stress of going through a probate court.

Ensure you have a trust
A trust is a crucial document in estate planning as it stipulates how your real estate shall devolve. You can always choose to have both a will and trust as part of your estate planning documents.

Don’ts of estate planning

Don’t progress with estate planning without an attorney
Always ensure that for all your Ogden Utah estate planning needs, an attorney is involved. Don’t wait, contact Mountain View Law Group to help walk you through the complicated process.

Don’t assume that another party, e.g., a bank is under obligation to trace your legal documents
The duty to keep safe your legal documents concerning your property is on you. For more guidance on how to best store legal documents, reach out to a competent and trusted estate planning attorney Ogden Utah.

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