Do I Need a Living Trust?

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A revocable living trust (RLT) is a legal entity that lets you turn legal ownership of your property over to someone else (the trust) and provide instructions for the distribution of the property after your death. The advantage of a living trust is that it allows you to make changes at any time.

What Does It Do?

A Utah living trust lets you keep control of your property while protecting it and your beneficiaries from the publicity of the lengthy expensive probate process. A living trust lets you maintain complete control over your property and its disposition. In other words, with a living trust, you have both control and privacy.

Who Is a Living Trust for?

A living trust Utah is especially suitable for a married couple with children. Creating a joint living trust makes it easy to leave most of your property to the surviving spouse. After you are both deceased, the remaining assets will easily pass to your beneficiaries without the expense and delays of probate.

Why You Need a Living Trust

To sum it up, you need a living trust so that you can:

  • Avoid the delays and costs of probate
  • Protect your privacy, especially if you’re well known
  • Make taking care of the surviving spouse and children simpler
  • Giving you the peace of knowing your family and belongings are taken care of after your death.

A living trust gives you all these benefits without making you surrender control over your property during your lifetime.

How Mountain View Law Group Can Help

To set up a living trust, Utah law makes it easier when you work with a trust attorney Utah. There are technical and complex requirements for creating a trust, especially a joint RLT, that a lawyer will handle best. Contact us today for an initial consultation to begin the process of creating a living trust for you and your loved ones.

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