Can I File for Bankruptcy Again?

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Bankruptcy is a remedy available to individuals facing overwhelming financial distress, enabling them to start anew. But, life can be unpredictable. If you’ve already filed for bankruptcy in Utah and find yourself facing financial hardships again, you might wonder, “Can I file for bankruptcy again?”

The short answer is yes, but the specifics hinge on various factors that the Mountain View Law Group is well-versed in. Let’s delve into the intricacies of filing for bankruptcy in Utah more than once.

Time Limitations

The primary consideration when contemplating a subsequent bankruptcy filing is the time gap between filings. Utah bankruptcy law has distinct waiting periods based on the type of bankruptcy chapters you’ve filed and intends to file again:

  • Chapter 7 to Chapter 7: If you’ve received a discharge under Chapter 7, you need to wait 8 years before filing another Chapter 7.
  • Chapter 13 to Chapter 13: You need to wait 2 years from the date of the first filing to refile under Chapter 13.
  • Chapter 7 to Chapter 13: A 4-year gap is necessary if you wish to file under Chapter 13 after a Chapter 7 discharge.
  • Chapter 13 to Chapter 7: If you’ve received a discharge under Chapter 13 and wish to file for Chapter 7, a 6-year wait is required, with some exceptions.

Every case is unique. With evolving financial landscapes, working with a reputable Ogden bankruptcy lawyer can provide personalized insights and guidance. The intricacies of multiple filings and navigating the legal maze become seamless with professional help.

File Bankruptcy With the Help of Our Ogden Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy multiple times in Utah is possible, but it’s laden with intricate details that require a thorough understanding. The Mountain View Law Group is here to assist and guide you in this challenging journey, ensuring you make the right decisions to reclaim your financial freedom.

If you find yourself pondering over the possibility of a subsequent bankruptcy, remember, understanding Utah bankruptcy law with the help of an Ogden bankruptcy lawyer is crucial for a smooth, efficient, and successful process.

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