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co4United States of America was created and made great by the entrepreneurial spirits of its citizens. From its creation through today business, especially small business, has created the financial backbone and incredible wealth of the United States and its citizens. Many people dream of owning their own business; however, they are not sure how to proceed and many are afraid that once they do begin this process, they worry about being legally protected. The very difficult first step of opening your own business is making sure that you have all of the appropriate legal documents and protections in place to allow you to focus in on what you do best. At Mountain View Law Group, we have the experience and specialized training in order to help you properly create your business, properly legally protect you and your family while you conduct your business and help maximize your profits thereby allowing you to pursue your dreams.

Mountain View Law Group provides business services in the following areas.

  • LLC and Corporation Organization and Creation
  • Business Contracts
  • Business Sales
  • Leases
  • Business Disputes
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Businesses Related Estate Planning

Mountain View Law Group Business Law and Business Planning attorney, Addison D. Larreau, completed the Business Planning Capstone at the University of Utah College of Law and has over a decade of experience in assisting clients in creating, maintaining and maximizing their business entity’s profitability. Addison works with single-owner, home-based clients as well as multi-million dollar clients with hundreds of employees. Addison’s clients have expressed their appreciation for his personal experience in business which he brings to bear in assisting his clients. Addison grew up in a family of entrepreneurs running landscaping, excavating and construction companies and therefore has a very personal understanding of the struggles which many business owners go through creating and building their business. This personal experience combined with the technical training of the University of Utah’s College of Law Business Planning Capstone and Addison’s use of practical experience in working with clients makes him a very valuable resource for clients who wish to create and maximize their growth and profitability of their own businesses. Please call our office at 801-393-5555 for a consultation with Addison regarding your business idea, to create your own business or to maximize the profitability of your existing business.

Call Mountain View Law Group Today at 801-393-5555 for a Free Consultation with an Experienced Business Law Attorney Regarding Your Unique Business Law Needs.

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