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Divorce or Bankruptcy, What should come first?

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Whenever the decision is made for spouses to part ways, that decision naturally involves many important issues. Among those issues are financial concerns. In some cases, divorce proceedings can be even further complicated by bankruptcy. This leads to the question of whether divorce and bankruptcy should be handled simultaneously or whether one issue should be… Read more »

Tips to Help Avoid Probate Court

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The death of a loved one or family member is certainly a difficult time. It can be made even more difficult when dealing with probate. Individuals who wish to help their families and loved ones avoid probate will find that consulting with an experienced Utah probate litigation lawyer can assist with this matter. What Exactly… Read more »

What is not covered under Bankruptcy in Utah?

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Non-Dischargeable Debts in Utah Non-dischargeable debts in Utah are debts that cannot be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be responsible for paying your non-dischargeable debts after your dischargeable debts have been discharged. They are also debts that you will have to include… Read more »

Injured At Work: First 5 Steps to Take

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If you are injured at work, then you may be entitled to receive workers compensation benefits. To improve your chances of qualifying for workers compensation benefits, you should follow the following suggestions. Here are the first 5 step to take following a workplace injury. 1. Report the injury/accident As soon as possible after you sustain… Read more »

5 Things to Consider before you File for Bankruptcy

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Filing for bankruptcy in Utah is not an easy decision to make. Bankruptcy can damage your credit score and create other hardships that alter life as you know it. Talk to an Ogden bankruptcy attorney as you ponder the information below. With the help of Mountain View Law Group and the following information, filing bankruptcy… Read more »

What Type of Benefits Does Utah Workers Compensation Provide?

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In Utah, all employers must cover their employees with workers’ compensation insurance which is designed to compensate injured workers when they have an accident. Mountain View Law Group who are worker compensation attorneys and lawyers in Utah can help. Importantly, to preserve a work injury claim the injured worker needs to report the work injury… Read more »

Under Insured Motor Vehicle Insurance

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I recently settled a case that highlights the need for every driver to have enough under insured motor vehicle insurance coverage for crashes that cause serious injury.  My client was a healthy younger man who was rear ended by another car.  The force of the crash injured my client’s lower back to the extent that… Read more »

Separation vs. Divorce

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When a married couple decides that they can no longer stay together, a divorce is usually the way the parties lean.   For some, jumping into a divorce may not be the right answer.   Separation may be the way to go. Legal separation is an option for those that desire to live apart but do not… Read more »

Are There Alternatives To Bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcy means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  For businesses, bankruptcy is often used as a reorganization tool that allows the company to pick up the pieces and move forward in a better manner.  For individuals, bankruptcy is a way to legally eliminate or reduce debt that has become beyond… Read more »

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