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How Probate Affects My Business

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How Probate Can Affect a Business When it comes to probate, it can affect many areas of people’s lives, even when it comes to businesses. Businesses can be negatively affected when it comes to probate. And as a result, probate can create havoc for the surviving partner, the employees, customers, and the overall business. How it can… Read more »

Know Your Rights if You Get Injured at Work in Utah

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What to do if Injured on the Job in Utah: Those injured on the job should contact their supervisor immediately so that their injury can be properly documented. This is required to get workman’s compensation processed without delay. In addition to verbally informing senior management, you should follow up with a written note detailing the… Read more »

Effects of Probate on the Family

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Having a loved one die can be a very overwhelming and emotional time. Dealing with probate and the courts dividing their assets can add to the pain. The death should bring family members closer, but in many cases, it tears them further apart as everyone starts to argue over who gets what asset. For help… Read more »

Are you Eligible for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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Those needing to file for bankruptcy have two options available – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Essentially, Chapter 13 is a section of the Bankruptcy Code allowing qualified individuals and small business owners to hold onto their assets and consolidate all or some of their debt. Once approved, you will pay back your debt or… Read more »

What happens if you die without creating a will?

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The legal term intestate refers to when someone dies without a will. If this happens, in the state of Utah, the person’s estate is divided among family members and close relatives. Proper division of property is a requirement of the state intestate succession laws. Typically, the law applies to property customarily included in a will… Read more »

Can I get compensation if I re-injured pre-existing injury at work?

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Those with a pre-existing injury or condition who are injured at work may be worried about their workers’ compensation claim being denied. It is not unusual for someone to have some form of a pre-existing condition at any time in their life, especially when involved in a work-related accident or on-the-job injury. However, the insurance… Read more »

What are the most common of bicycle accidents?

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Seeking Legal Assistance After a Bicycle Accident Bicycling is fun and good for your health, but it also presents certain hazards. If you have suffered a serious injury that resulted from the negligent actions of a motorist, you may consider seeking financial compensation from the responsible party. This is when you should contact an Utah… Read more »

What happens if I die without a will?

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When you die without a will, your estate must go through probate. You die intestate, meaning without a will and testament, and Utah will laws take over. The probate process can drag on for years, during which time your beneficiaries do not have access to the funds or property you left them. Every creditor or family… Read more »

Avoid These Estate Planning Mistakes

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Planning is a crucial process undertaken to realize formidable results in any activity we indulge in daily or a life-long process. People plan on having a splendid day, a good year, good retirement, and an exemplary life in general. Therefore, it’s also paramount to inculcate prolific planning in your estate plan to avoid multiple estate… Read more »

Student Loan Bankruptcy and Discharge

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Education is one of the best weapons used to fight poverty worldwide to achieve better living standards. It is the most excellent investment a person can make. However, a heavy burden of student loan debts has been a substantial obstacle in achieving this goal, a situation that has presented the need for discharge. You may… Read more »

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