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What Is a Pour-Over Will?

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Estate planning is a process that requires serious thought and a comprehensive understanding of legal instruments. A crucial aspect of this process, often neglected or misunderstood, is the pour-over will. In this article, we will demystify the concept of a pour-over will, its merits and demerits, and how it may fit into your estate planning… Read more »

Does Everyone Have an Estate?

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The concept of an “estate” often conjures up images of sprawling countryside manors, ornate family heirlooms, or robust financial portfolios. However, the reality is far simpler — and applies to nearly everyone. If you’ve ever wondered, “Does everyone have an estate?” the straightforward answer is, almost everyone. Our Utah estate attorneys at Mountain View Law… Read more »

What Happens if I Have No Estate Plan When I Die?

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The complexities of life and death can be daunting, and yet, they are unavoidable. While it may seem morbid or uncomfortable, addressing these concerns ahead of time can provide you and your loved ones with invaluable peace of mind. In the absence of a clear estate plan, the consequences can be significantly problematic. Mountain View… Read more »

Do I Have to Get a Medical Evaluation of My Work Injury?

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If you get injured at work and file a worker’s compensation claim, a doctor will evaluate your injury and make recommendations based on their findings. In addition, if there are any challenges between your employer’s insurance company and your doctor, the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation may require you to have an Independent Medical Evaluation. What… Read more »

Power of Attorney: What Should It Cover?

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Have you thought about your future when you’re older? Many adults, especially those with adult children will begin planning their estate. For most, this process will include assigning a power of attorney. In Utah, there are two types of POAs. What is the Power of Attorney? A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document… Read more »

Bankruptcy and College Debts

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Once upon a time, it was virtually impossible to get college debts discharged through bankruptcy, but sweeping reforms have changed that for some. For example, borrowers have to meet a specific list of requirements to get college debt included in a bankruptcy, but it might be possible. The best way to figure out if you… Read more »

Can I Change My Beneficiaries?

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Are you interested in changing the beneficiary on existing accounts? For most people, changing a beneficiary is simple and only requires a request for new forms. Once those forms are filled out and turned in, the new beneficiary will be effective. A estate planning lawyer Utah can help you understand this process and advise you on… Read more »

Utah’s No-Fault Worker’s Compensation Insurance System

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You are likely entitled to workers’ compensation if you or a loved one gets injured at work. Depending on the severity of the injury, how you were injured, and your work, your company’s workers comp policy may cover you for temporary or permanent partial or total disability compensation. Utah is a worker-friendly state and has… Read more »

Bankruptcy Options for Utah Small Businesses

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Small businesses make up a great deal of the U.S. economy, as noted by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Unfortunately, a small business owner could be in debt for various reasons. Fortunately, a Utah bankruptcy attorney from Mountain View Law Group can assist. About Small Business Bankruptcies When a business owner files for bankruptcy, the… Read more »

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