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Once upon a time, it was virtually impossible to get college debts discharged through bankruptcy but sweeping reforms have changed that for some. For example, borrowers have to meet a specific list of requirements to get college debt included in a bankruptcy, but it might be possible. The best way to figure out if you qualify is to work with a bankruptcy attorney Ogden Utah.

What borrowers qualify for bankruptcy, including college debts?

The criteria for qualifying for bankruptcy, including college debts, is complicated because it is not defined universally in bankruptcy law. The general rule is borrowers must prove they have “undue hardships.” But, not all jurisdictions have the same standards when it comes to “undue hardships.” Courts will apply tests to bankruptcy filers to determine if their situation qualifies for student loan inclusion. Not all states define “undue hardships” the same way. Generally, most states will loosely require debtors to have all or any of the following:

  • Lived under the poverty line for several years
  • Living with a debilitating mental or physical illness
  • Permanent debilitating physical injury
  • Supporting a spouse with a severe physical, mental, or permanent injury
  • Receiving state assistance
  • Divorced with no hope of returning to former income level

Hire an Ogden Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

In most states, student loan borrowers must prove they have a ” certainty of hopelessness.” Bankruptcy attorneys in Ogden Utah, can help you understand the standards for student loan discharge in your area and help you get the process started. In addition, an attorney will look at your current financial situation, college debt, other debts and help you begin the filing process.

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