Avoiding Trust Litigation: Your Guide

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Establishing a trust is an excellent way of controlling who gets what from your estate. A trust attorney Utah can help you set up a trust in which you are the trustor. The person you designate to manage the trust and execute its terms is known as the trustee, and the person who receives the money is called the beneficiary.

Your aim in setting up a trust is to distribute your money in a way that is cost-effective. You will not achieve this goal if you are dragged into litigation. Trust litigation can be expensive, financially, emotionally, and mentally. It is best to avoid it if you can.

The main causes of disputes involving trusts concern their legality. Questions surrounding the mental state of the trustor, accusations of misuse and abuse of the trust by the trustee, other charges of fraud, or manipulation—these are all issues that lead to lawsuits.

The best way to avoid litigation is to work with a qualified Utah trust lawyer when setting up your trust. You need experience and expertise when carrying out this act and trust lawyers Utah are the only ones who have it.

You should also be upfront and honest with your heirs. It is better not to keep any of them in suspense. Each heir should know what they are to receive after you pass, so that there are no shocking surprises when the will is read.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to avoid trust litigation is to select a reliable and honest trustee. The person you designate should know their role and duties, and they should have the capacity and willingness to carry them out. The trustee you choose need not be a banker or a lawyer. You can select a friend or family member you know and trust, who will in turn solicit the advice of Utah trust attorneys before making major decisions. The most important thing is for your trustee to be honest and competent.

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